Minimalism is Dead

modest Adjective \ ˈmä-dəst \ Limited in size, amount, or scope, unpretentious.

ly Suffix \ lee \ Degrading, reduction, having the characteristics of, regular recurrence, to a degree

Welcome to MODEST-LY.  I want to help you live what I call your BEST LIFE.  I hope to show how a simplified view of the world, and having a more intimate relationship with our possessions, family, friends, and our natural environment will bring you a happier, healthier life.  Minimalism to me is more than just less. It is more than just organizing, decluttering, and purging, although it certainly is that too!  I view Minimalism as a lifestyle, not an organizing or design technique. A lifestyle that will define our future as human beings, either by choice or necessity come sooner or later.  Stay tuned for unique, thought-provoking articles, and information about living with less, fitness, nutrition, self, spirituality, and how to live MODEST-LY.


Photo by Mantas Hesthaven 

Let the journey begin…………

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